Virtual Telegram

Welcome to Mustard Lane’s Virtual Telegram Service! Mustard Lane is a nationwide event staffing agency with thousands of talented staff across the country. Typically these staff working events as Brand Ambassadors, Promo Models, Product Specialists and more. We provide them with survival jobs so they can pursue their passions. Majority of our roster is made up of Actors, Dancers, Singers, Comedians and other artists. During this time of social distancing, our insanely talented staff have been using their skills to bring a smile to people’s faces with our Virtual Telegram Service! You make a request, we ask all the questions and then a thought out and procured Virtual Telegram will be sent to whoever you wish.




Basic Package: $40 (2-3 Days until Delivery) 

Want a Laner to sing or perform Happy Birthday for your recipient? To deliver a simple message in a charismatic or loving way? Simple requests, simple songs (that don’t need to be learned by the Laner) and simple messages.

Advanced Package: $65-$100 (3-5 Days until Delivery)

Have a message that requires some unique creativity and passion behind? Have a friend who’s really interested in a movie and want a Laner to perform a parody of it? How about a song that your friend obsesses over and you would like to have a Laner dance to it in a truly entertaining way? The advanced package is a little broader in terms of scope, but is well worth it in every final product. If Advanced Package is selected or recommended, a specific price will be delivered to your email address.